Phishing Solution in Your Inbox

With Elo Software's Phishing Plug, your employees will be able to report phishing emails directly to your IT staff.

We know that automated solutions are unreliable, your employees are your best defense against phishing attemts. But they need help! With Phishing Plug you'll be able to help them and with the help of your own IT dept. the news of a phishing attemt directed against your company will be twarted.

Elo Software's Phishing Plug solution is free to use.

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Awesome features make Phishing Plug stand out from crowd

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Award your employees

With Phishing Plug, you'll be able to write your own custom message to show to your employees when they flag an email they received as suspicious.

Latest frameworks

Phishing Plug uses the latest frameworks for best speed when it come to working across devices. You can use Phishing Plug both on Desktop and Mobile, from Windows to Macs.

Totally Free

Phishing Plug is totally free, you'll never have to pay for using Phising Plug in your organization.